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Based on the concept of freshmen, freshmen, and sophomores, the bachelor class of the School of Management integrates the courses of the School of Management, breaks the barriers between departments and institutes, and replaces the traditional framework of knowledge fields with "major majors" that conform to emerging industry trends. Students can match their employment and Career planning, taking major courses and courses in applied fields, no longer restricted by the traditional system of transfer, auxiliary department, and double major, free to study cross-field courses, helping students develop adaptively, explore themselves, and establish professional integration of business management The flexible study program provides students with more diverse and distinctive cross-field learning.






The core of the design of the School of Management’s Bachelor Program is to use a “student-centered” learning approach to guide students to “cross-disciplinary” learning, and to cultivate their ability and methods of independent learning after leaving school from the traditional concept of major/minor department. The course design of this department extends from the choice of subjects to the way of learning. In addition, the small class size and career-oriented professional development tutors can form a "customized" learning list according to the interests of each student to assist They accurately select majors and minors and study paths, and smoothly connect to subsequent studies and employment.